Make sure you know what plug they are installing on your appliance.

'M' type British plug

British Type Plug (old)

For those of you who have bought an American dryer, stackable washer/dryer, large oven, or any other appliance that needs a 25A. line or larger, and are waiting for the initial installation, pay attention to how it is to be installed. Ask the serviceman in advance what type of plug they plan to use. Many service companies, who come to do the initial installation, try to give you an "M type" British  plug (old British plug), which is rated for 16A. This type of plug is typically used

Typical industrial plug

Industrial Plug

for air conditioners in Israel because unfortunately the standard Israeli plugs (also rated for 16A) will start to melt when used with appliances running approximately 13A or more. Because of the hefty pins on the British plug, and the fact that they are cheaper and easier to come by, many servicemen apt to use these plugs instead of the proper industrial type needed when installing appliances running at much higher amperage. Don't  be taken in with all the excuses and theories. The British  plugs  have written on them "16A" and should not be used with appliances needing more (this does NOT conform with electrical code). The industrial plugs usually come in 16A and 32A sizes. All plugs have written on them the maximum amount of current that they are made for.

So don't  be a "frier" (Israeli slang for "sucker"). Demand that your appliances be installed properly.