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Alternative Energy

IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme
Solar Energy in Israel


Electrical and Electronics - General

Israel Electric Company ‎‎(Hebrew)‎
World Plug and Socket Standards - 110 220 Volts Electronics PAL Camcorders Region Code Free DVD Players
We offer best prices for world wide multisystem DVD Players VCRS 110 220 Volt Voltage Transformers Converters.
Electrical Materials - Electrical liquidators D&F Liquidators supply electrical products and surplus. We are buyers and suppliers of all types of electrical construction materials.
Pressure Transducer, Proximity Sensor and Flow Sensors Pressure Transducer and Proximity Sensor - Machine Design offers engineers information they need for a pressure transducer, proximity sensor, pressure sensor or flow sensors.
Micro Switch, Toggle Switch and Pressure Switch - Toggle Switches and Pressure Switches - Machine Design offers engineers information they need for any micro switch, toggle switch or pressure switch.
Fieldbus, Temperature Sensors, Signal Conditioners - Moore Industries provides expert interface solutions for fieldbus, temperature sensors and signal conditioners applications.
New V3 Electrical Troubleshooting Software gives you years of experience in just a few days. Download your free demo today!


Electricians & Electrical Contractors Here and Around the World

Licensed Philadelphia electrician solves electrical problems in Radnor, Wayne and Devon in Pennsylvania
Hi Amp Electric - Finds your electrical problems quickly. (Washington state)
Yoni -Electrical Design and Installations - Quality Electrical work in and around the Jerusalem (Israel) area.



Phillips - Lighting
Sylvania / Osram Light Bulbs
Better Lighting Ideas


Maintenance - General

Tipz Time - Household tips, and  ideas for home and garden improvement.



Jacob Richman's Home Page (links to information about almost anything under the sun)
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Science Made Simple
Newton BBS (another science site)
Science Hobbyist
Israel Science and Technology Homepage


Standards Institutes

International Organization of Standardization (ISO)
Standards Institute of Israel (Hebrew)


Technology and Research

Technology Research News


General Construction

Home Design - Home Building & House Plans


Surge Protection - Energy and Power Management

Mike Green - Energy Management - Lightning and Surge Protection - General Electrical Engineering
ESP - Electronic Specialists - High Tech Equipment Protection and Interference Control


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