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Village's Appliances All Blow Up

Monday, November 27, 2006

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Hundreds of toasters, TVs and washing machines exploded when an entire village had its household appliances destroyed in a massive power surge.

Kitchen and bathroom appliances as well as expensive electronic items exploded in every house in Tsarev Brod in eastern Bulgaria.

The appliance catastrophe happened after a local electricity supplier sent the wrong high voltage current through the local electricity grid.

A special commission has been set up by local authorities to assess the damage to homes, but locals are said to be furious.

The power surge came after over a month in which the village was suffering problems with not enough power being supplied.

Plamen Petrov who lives in the village said: 'My kitchen looks like a bomb's hit it at the moment. All the appliances simply exploded. I thought someone had declared war or something.'