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(Hebrew: הלכה; also transliterated as Halakhah, Halakha, Halachah) Lit. the path that one walks. Jewish law.

The complete body of rules and practices that Jews are bound to follow, including biblical commandments, commandments instituted by the rabbis, and binding customs.

(taken from Judaism 101)

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Kosher Innovations-The KosherLamp People


The Use of Electricity on Shabbat and Yom Tov -

By: Rabbi Michael Broyde & Rabbi Howard Jachter

Time Instruments -

By: Jerimiya Ibn Asher and Rabbi David Shure

The Use of Elevators on Shabbat - Part I -

By: Rabbi Chaim Jacht

The Use of Elevators on Shabbat - Part II -

By: Rabbi Chaim Jacht

The Use of Elevators on Shabbat - Part III -

By: Rabbi Chaim Jacht

The Use of Elevators on Shabbat - Part IV -

By: Rabbi Chaim Jacht

Is It Permissible To Program A Timer To Make A Recording On Shabbat or on Hol HaMoed?-

By: Rabbi Eli Mansour

When it is very hot, can you tell a Goy to turn on the air conditioner? -

By: Rabbi Eli Mansour

Is it Permissible To Read on Shabbat By An Electric Light Source? -

By: Rabbi Eli Mansour

The Use Of Timers On Shabbat and Setting A Washing Machine Right Before Shabbat Starts-

By: Rabbi Eli Mansour

Proper Use of A Blech and Hot Plate on Shabbat -

By: Rabbi Eli Mansour

Shabbat and The Refrigerator Light -

By: Rabbi Eli Mansour

Electrical Appliances and Heating Systems -

By: Nissan Dovid Dubov

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