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Speed Tests

Links to the various speed tests on the net

SpeakEasy Site that tests the speed of your upload and download. Your choice of various servers throughout the US.
Bandwidth Speed Test The CNET Bandwidth Meter speed test will check the bandwidth of your Internet connection against top DSL, cable modem, and other broadband services in the US.
MyVoIPSpeed Server Popular site. Tests download speed, upload speed, jitters, QoS, and packet lost. The site talks about the various things that affect the quality of your VoIP connection.
Oz Broadband Speed Test Has a list of servers in various locations to use for testing..
PC Pitstop - Internet Connection Center Has separate tests for upload, download, ping times, trace route, ...and more.
Bezeq International For BezeqInt customers: (Hebrew) It will test your upload and download speed in the country. This is the test that BezeqInt will ask you to make if you are having upload or download problems.
Netvision For Netvision customers: These two files are what they ask you to test your download time with.
Barak For Barak customers: Files to test download speed.
Golden Lines (012) For Golden Lines customers: (Hebrew) Test your upload and download speed.
Internet Speed Test Nice speed test. Site has lots of information about testing your speed and firewall protection. To use the tests you'll need Sun's Java runtime environment which is freely available through the site. Another nice speed test. One of the favorites of those who work in the field.


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