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Beware of VoIP Providers Providing Illegal Israeli Numbers

Many Voip Service providers are offering their customers "International Phone Numbers". This service offers their users phone numbers in countries around the world, which makes it easier for both business and residential users to be accessible to clients or family in that particular country. When people local to that phone number call, they pay the cost of a local call instead of a long distance phone call.

Israel has various licensing laws that require a VoIP provider to obtain a license in order to be able to distribute Israeli phone numbers. This license is very costly and difficult to obtain, which are the main reasons that most, the VoIP providers do not include Israel in their list of countries.

Unfortunately, many VoIP providers have started distributing Israeli Phone numbers illegally, taking advantage of the bureaucracy and chaos that currently runs rampant in Israel. But it is only a matter of time before the Ministry of Communications clamps down on these companies, which will leave the users without service.

I believe that it would be a smart idea before registering for an Israeli phone number with one of the VoIP providers, to ask the provider to give you details of their license to distribute Israeli numbers, and check this information with the Ministry of Communications. It can save you a lot of headache in the future.

To read a translation of the Telephony Services Provided over Broadband Access (VoB) policies that was put out by the Ministry of Communications CLICK HERE.


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