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VoIP Services (Phone to Phone - VOB)  Part 1

Some of the more popular Phone to Phone VoIP (VOB) services from around the world commonly found in Israel.

If your favorite VoIP provider is not listed here, please contact us, and we'll try to include it.

Important Notice: All information on these pages were gathered from either the VoIP companies themselves, from their websites, or from their users. Although we have made great efforts to keep this information updated, and present it as accurately as possible, there may be some mistakes. If any visitor spots any information that is not accurate, please CONTACT US and we will do our best to make the appropriate corrections. No prices are quoted for the various plans because of frequent changes. Please see provider's website for the most updated information.

Information last updated: January 21, 2007

  Support in Israel Plan including Local (Israel) Calls Voice Mail Call Waiting Call Fwd Caller ID 3-Way Calling  
Packet8 NO   X* X X X X X MORE INFO
MSM (Net2Phone) MI   X* X X X X X MORE INFO
BroadVoice  NO   X* X X X X X MORE INFO
Jajah NO X         MI MORE INFO
SpacePhone (Net2Phone) MI   X* X X X X X MORE INFO
Lingo NO MI X X X    X*   X* MORE INFO
* not included in the cheaper plans     MI see MORE INFO



Vonage is a privately owned company founded in January of 2001 and is based in Holmdel, NJ. Although it tends to be more expensive than many other providers, Vonage is one of the largest and most well known broadband phone providers in the world due to its massive advertising campaigns and the large customer base it services.

When signing-up, Vonage charges an activation fee of $29.99, a shipping and handling fee of $9.95, and State/Local taxes and fees that add up to $4.46. There are also all sorts of added monthly taxes and fees too, so it's worth checking everything out before signing.

Vontage advertises a host of premium features (over 20) included in every plan, and a few optional features as well.

Though Vonage claims to have no annual contract; they charge a cancellation fee of $39.99 if the account is cancelled after the initial trial period of 30 days and before the end of 1 year of Vonage service. However, if the account is cancelled within the first 30 days or after 1 year of service the cancellation fee is waived.

Vonage provides online customer service as well as support over telephone. Vonage has no support in Israel, therefore all support provided comes from out of the country. Vonage also does not include Israel in any plan, charging a per minute rate when calling an Israeli number.




Packet8 was founded in 1987 and its initial products were programmable semiconductors for the videophone market. In 1997 Packet8 began developing videophones and became a publicly traded company.

Packet8 is one of the most recognized and reputed VoIP telephone service providers, who provides an array of services, including Video Phone. Packet8 has over 20 standard features, and a few that are optional - including Distinctive Ringing and Toll Free Services.

Packet8 charges a $29.99 activation fee and $39.99 for the adapter, although you can get a rebate of $39.99 while the special offer still stands.

Calls within Israel are included only in their Freedom Unlimited Global Plan. In any other plan you will be charged a per minute rate for each call to an Israeli number. Packet8 has no support in Israel, therefore all support provided comes  from out of the country.




A Jerusalem based company, Go Telecom Ltd. (Israel) offers advanced voice solutions for consumers and businesses. In operation since June 2006, they offer superior quality, dedicated support, and FREE, high-quality user equipment.

Although GoTelecom may not be as feature rich as Vonage or Packet8, they have all the essential features needed, as well as many benefits over the bigger companies operating in Israel.

GoTelecom is the only provider operating in Israel (not taking into account VoIP provided by ISPs in Israel) that has a server located in Israel. This greatly improves the quality of the calls, especially those made to Israeli numbers. GoTelecom is also one of the few providers who offer dedicated on-line and phone support in Israel. Phone support is via a toll-free number.

Start-up costs are...well...there are none. There is no activation fee, no equipment fee, and no setup fee. All there is to pay is the cost of your monthly plan. Your adapter is yours to use as long as you are a customer.

GoTelecom's  equipment is set so that you don't have to dial "011-972-area code-phone number" when calling an Israeli number. Simply dial area code & number (similar to cell phones).

All of GoTelecom's plans include US/Canada/UK/Israel/ and a list of 14 other countries. GoTelecom has no unlimited plan, but has a plan for 1000 minutes. For businesses, additional plans can be made tailored to your needs.

GoTelecom's website has been partly under construction for a while now, so don't expect much from it.


MSM (Net2Phone)

MSM Netphone Broadfone (MSM Netphone Inc.), a reseller of Net2Phone, was founded in 2004 and is based in Cedarhurst NY. Not as feature rich as some of the other leading providers, MSM provides most of the standard features that are expected, and is cutting out a nice niche for itself by providing VoIP tailor made for Israel.

Focusing on the Jewish and Israeli market worldwide, MSM includes Israel in most of their unlimited plans. Where Israel is not included, the user will be charged a per minute rate for each call to an Israeli number.

MSM does not advertise telephone support in Israel on their website, but users claim that MSM has a cell phone number in Israel that one may call for help with standard problems. The more difficult problems still must be directed to Net2Phone by  using their various phone numbers, or by email.

Israelis who choose a plan that includes local phone calls in Israel will have their equipment set so that they won't have to dial Israel as if they are calling from the US (011-972-area code-phone number). Instead they simply dial the area code & number (similar to cell phones).

MSM charges an activation fee of $29.99 for most of their plans, and a $9.90 shipping fee for the adapter. There is no cancellation fee, but the adapter must be returned in good working order if you cancel within a year.



Founded in December 2003, BroadVoice is privately held and based in Billerica, MA. BroadVoice is becoming one of the major providers in Israel, providing high quality, feature-rich broadband phone services to consumers and businesses. Customers benefit from unlimited domestic and international calling, with  25 basic and advanced features for one competitive monthly price.

Only BroadVoice's "Unlimited World Plus" plan, provides unlimited calls in Israel, which also includes 34 other countries. Read BroadVoice's Terms and Conditions VERY carefully. Their "unlimited" plans are not unlimited. They can switch your plan without prior notice.

BroadVoice is one of the only VoIP providers that permit you to use your own adapter (SIP-capable telephone adapter) should you prefer.

BroadVoice charges a $39.95 activation fee, a regulatory recovery fee of $2.50, shipping/handling of adapter $14.95, and a $1.00 emergency 911 cost recovery fee, along with the first month payment of your particular plan, when signing up. The regulatory recovery fee and the emergency911 cost recovery fee will be charged every month in addition to your monthly plan. A $49.99 disconnection fee will be charged if you cancel after the 30 day trial period.




Jajah is a new type of VoIP service that has everyone talking. To use it you simply go to their website, type your phone number and your friend's phone number in the appropriate places, click "call", and wait for your home phone to ring. When you pick up the receiver you will be asked to hold on while Jajah makes the connection. The quality is excellent. No download needed. No installation. No headset. No new contract.

Jajah limits your free hours to about an hour a day, five hours a week, or about 1.000 minutes per month. Registered users can call for free any other registered user, both locally and internationally (check the website to see exactly what the conditions are), or be charged a relatively low rate for other unregistered phone numbers.



SpacePhone (Net2Phone)

SpacePhone is owned by Mils Research Inc., a privately owned company which was founded in 1990. The company's services are geared towards making communications between the US and Israel easy and inexpensive.

SpacePhone offers a variety of plans to suit both US and Israeli based customers, including unlimited calls to/within Israel. Every plan includes a number of standard features as well as a few that are unique, which can be managed both online and directly from the phone. Another SpacePhone feature is the ability to have a toll-free 800 number without a fixed monthly charge.

SpacePhone's rates include all applicable fees and taxes. There are also no cancellation fees. There is a one-time activation fee of $29.99 and a one-time shipping fee of $39.90 (Israel) or $9.90 (US) for the telephone adapter.

Spacephone advertises 24 hour support via Net2Phones support team, using their various phone numbers. Although support in Israel is not advertised on the website, Spacephone does have support through resident technicians in Israel.



Lingo is a subsidiary of McLean, Virginia-based Primus Telecommunications Group, a publicly traded company (PRTL). Founded in 1994 and a Fortune 1000 global communications company Primus has operations in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia for consumer VoIP service. Lingo first entered the VoIP market in 1999 and owns and operates an extensive global network, including a VoIP network which spans 150 countries and carries nearly 2 billion minutes of worldwide VoIP traffic annually.

Calling Israel through Lingo will involve paying over and above any given plan except the most expensive, which includes 21 different countries.

Lingo charges a $29.95 one-time activation fee, $10.00 per month for International phone numbers, $5.00 per month for Canada phone numbers, $9.95 US shipping fee (international shipping is currently not available), $39.95 cancellation fee after the 30 day money back guarantee and before 1 year.




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